Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thinking Through Trans-Gender Stuff

I know you don't care what I think, and that's okay, but I have some thoughts on the trans-gender issue that I want to write out.

One thing I keep thinking is: where are the feminists on this topic? They've been pretty quiet, as far as I can see. 

I'm a woman. I've paid dues to be a woman. I'm not a woman because of my feelings. I'm a woman because of my biology. I've dealt with female hormones and periods and obvious puberty and such. But even if I hadn't, even if I were the very rare woman who didn't get a period, I would still be a woman. I have the correct genetics for it. So where are the feminists saying to the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenners of the world, "Wait a minute. You don't get to just join the club because you feel like it. You haven't got the required biological punch-card to get into this club." They're silent. Because they are afraid. 

Why is everyone SO afraid? 

I think it's because the liberal media and the outspoken "pioneers" of the LGBTQ?WHATEVERYOUWANTISOKAY team will call anyone who isn't on the train with them a "bigot" or "hateful" or "misogynist" or whatever other slanderous or hateful term they can think of in their quest to take down any dissension. 

Well. That's open-minded and loving of them.

So here's the thing. How do you define what it feels like to be a woman or a man? You can't. Because men and women are similar. We both have feelings. We both have emotions. There are differences, of course-- vast difference. For one thing, men are genetically predisposed to having more upper body strength. Women are genetically predisposed to be more nurturing, as a rule. Neither of these things are guaranteed, though, because we are all a mixed scoop of genes and some men are skinny and effeminate and some women are less nurturing than their counterparts. 

My parents are an interesting example. My mom was an abusive, horrible mother who chose her selfish desires over her children and husband and left him to raise us. My dad, on the other hand, was gentle, loving and nurturing. Not in the same way that a mother has the potential to be, but in a Dad way. And it worked. And I never once thought that he was really a mom trapped in a dad body, just because he was good for a hug and a kiss and a comforting word when I needed it.  

I think it's ridiculous to assume that because a girl likes to wear "boy" clothes and play sports that she is really a boy in the wrong body. Why not teach her to love herself as she is, inside and out? That her body is beautiful and perfect and that it's totally okay to put on those clothes and get as dirty as she wants and that when she is looking in the mirror that what she sees is perfection? The whole package is wonderful-- the body, the soul, the mind, all of it. 

I'm really worried about the popularity of enabling mental delusions in our society. 

My mother had 7 kids. But she wanted to be free of the responsibility of motherhood, so she left. Had she (in today's culture) claimed that she felt she was really a 17-year old girl and wanted to live as such, so she had to leave to be her "true, authentic self," would she have been applauded for her choice to leave her children and husband? Does selfishness and self-delusion really make anything and everything you want okay? 

It's going to be an interesting century. 

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