Notes on Being Mormon

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, commonly known as "Mormons". I love my God, I love Jesus Christ and I believe the Book of Mormon to be truth. Here I will post various articles chronicling my thoughts on various LDS Church-related topics, issues and ideas. Feel free to post comments and questions, just do so respectfully and without spam, please.

The St. George, Utah temple-- one of my favorites!

In which I babble a bit about the Mormon feminist "Let's Wear Pants!" Day.

Really just a link to an article about Mormonism that I found profoundly respectful, simple and clear.

The Mythology of the Devil
Some things I've been thinking about lately.

Women and the Priesthood
Reluctantly weighing in on the topic that has dominated the internet (in my little world) lately.

What Kind of Disciple Am I?
Some thoughts on church service and sacrifice and other such stuff.

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