Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Acne Regimen

Years ago, I discovered this easy, affordable solution to my adult acne, and I've never looked back. My skin is very clear and I'm completely happy with the results. Recently, thought, I've made a couple of slight changes, so I'm updating this as of April 2014. 

I hope this post finds those who need it most!
There are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

  1. Try to touch your face as little as possible. When you do have to touch it to apply soap or whatever, do so gently so you don't irritate your skin.
  2. Be generous with the acne medication and with the moisturizer mixture. It takes a little time to soak in, which is a pain, but well worth it. Just play a game on your phone or read a book while you wait for it to soak in. 
  3. These products are just an example of what I use; there are many alternatives out there.
  4. Work up to doing this daily if you have to. Acne medications always dry out your skin at first, and it can be uncomfortable if your skin isn't used to it. I use this regimen nightly. Some people do it twice a day, but once a day is sufficient for me.

STEP 1- 

Cleanser: You want a non-soap, mild cleanser.  I use Clean & Clear.  I'm not a fan of washing my face, mostly because I don't like water running down my forearms, but I've gotten used to doing this at night. This cleanser is mild enough that you can use it on your eyes as well, if you don't want to remove eye makeup separately.

Wash your face, gently pat with a towel, then allow to completely air dry.

STEP 2- 

Acne Gel: I use the cheapest Wal-Mart has to offer. 

Gently smooth a thin layer of gel all over your face, but avoid the eye areas. If you have problem spots, be generous there.

Let it soak in until your face feels dry to the touch.


Moisturizer: I used to use a Clean & Clear moisturizer, but they have stopped carrying it at my local Wal-Mart, so I had to switch. Now I use the Equate version of Olay's basic moisturizer. Any oil-free facial moisturizer will work. 

Now here's the trick:
Mix in a small amount of either jojoba oil or coconut oil in your hand with a generous blob of moisturizer. Mix it well and smooth it all over your face. This is very important; don't skip moisturizing.

Let it soak in and you're good to go!

Although I only do this regimen at night, sometimes I have some dry spots in the morning and I will use a little more moisturizer then. 

If you try this regimen, or have a teenager try it, I would be very interested to know the results! 

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