Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pinterest FAIL FAIL FAIL: Dishwasher Detergent

I loved this blogger's homemade laundry soap, so I went into making the dishwasher detergent with high hopes. I am so, so, SO very disappointed.

I followed the recipe, and as recommended, I used citric acid instead of kool-aid, because I didn't want to dye my dishwasher yellow. And I use vinegar with every load in my dishwasher (hard water!!) already, so I figured that would be good enough, rather than paying more money for Lemi-Shine.

But regardless of how much vinegar I use, my dishes have been coming out with a thin film on them. I reduced the amount of soap from a full, rounded Tablespoon to slightly less than a TB, and the dishes didn't even come out clean. And there was still a film on them. Ugh.

I'm not happy. I really hate wasting things. Even if it's under $20 of ingredients, it's still wasteful. Boo.

I think I will add the rest of the bottle of citric acid to the soap and see if that helps. Maybe I didn't put enough in to begin with. But... I doubt it will make a difference at this point. If not, I'm done. Back to store-bought soap for me. 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Parenting Stuff Idea 3- Let Your Kids Do Hard Stuff

Safe Routes Partnership
It occurred to me this week at a piano recital that we parents frequently try to rescue our kids from difficult things. Not only big difficult things, like that science fair project you stay up all night with, but little things such as sitting through the entire concert, instead of taking them home early. My son was playing in a recital on Friday night and he was third of 15 or so performers. My daughter, itching to get home and call her friends, asked me a few times if we could just leave after he played. I toyed with the idea, because I wouldn't have minded getting home earlier, too, but as I thought it over, I decided it would be good for her to hear some new piano pieces, and to support her fellow students, and even though it might be hard, she's not a toddler anymore, and it would be good for her to sit still for an hour and behave.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parenting Stuff Idea 2: Rules

Idea 2: Rules
Parenting involves a lot of rules and limit-setting. It is necessary to have limits and guidelines for the children in your stewardship. Even God has rules, so naturally we parents of little mortals better have some. This can be extremely painful for you and your kids, or it can be loving and reasonable.

Parenting Stuff, Idea 1: Relationships

Idea 1: Relationships are the most important thing.
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If you believe in the afterlife, and I do, then I assume you believe you will have loved ones around you there. Therefore, all you take with you when you die are your experiences, your memories and your relationships. Relationships are based on love, so start there. Love your children. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heaven in the Desert

I took three of my kids with me and traveled to St. George during our school district's Spring Break. We had a great time-- the sun was shining, the air was clear, the sky was SO blue-- just a gorgeous time to be in Utah. The condo we stayed at belongs to my parents, and it was very nice, though the complex was pretty crowded. I think half the state decided to go to SG for their breaks, too. But that's okay. It's too lovely a place to be bothered.

60 Dinners and Counting

Recently, I started a 2-month menu plan, hoping to rotate some of our easier, more affordable dinner favorites, but still have a good variety so we don't get bored and I no longer have to hear "What's for dinner?" and not have an answer. I'm going to post it on the fridge, like I used to do.

In case you are interested in some meal ideas, here is my list. There is room for growth, please suggest and share links and/or recipes if you have a favorite I didn't include! Some of these are a tad obscure or have personal references, so I will post recipes or links to recipes if you ask for them!

EDIT: I was about to post this and I realized it is really more of a cold weather list. I won't be making soups as much when it gets warm outside, so I think I will dub this the Fall/Winter list and make a new Spring/Summer list as well...

Fall/Winter Dinners List:
1.    Spaghetti
2.    Soft tacos and burritos
3.    Burgers & dogs
4.    Crock pot fettuccine w/chicken
5.    Olive oil linguine with garlic shrimp
6.    Lasagna, salad
7.    Roast beef
8.    Roast chicken
9.    Jeni’s crock pot chicken
10.Jeni's Pink sauce chicken
12.Tomato soup & grilled chz
13.Cheesy potato soup
14.Broccoli soup
16.White chili w/ckn.
17.Chicken noodle soup
18.Apricot chicken
20.Tortilla soup
21.Salmon & rice
22.Fish sticks or fillets
23.Beef in gravy over potatoes
24.Beef stew
25.Chicken in gravy over potatoes
26.Mexican pork nachos
27.Pulled pork sandwiches
28.Sloppy joes
29.Chicken nuggets & fries
30.Hamburger helper
31.Chicken sandwiches (grilled or breaded)
32.Crockpot meatballs & noodles
34.Shepherd’s pie
35.Mona’s chicken
36.Fried chicken
37.Egg rolls
38.Teriyaki chicken
39.Beef & veggie soup
40.Ckn enchilada soup
41.Ckn & wild rice soup
42.BLTs and potato salad
43.Chicken salad croissants
44.Macaroni & cheese
45.Ckn fajitas
46.Steak fajitas
47.Steak (financially seasonal)
48.Bbq chicken
49.Pork chops
50.Chicken tacos
51.Chicken quesadillas
52.Breakfast for dinner
53.Dirty rice & meat
54.Homemade pizza
55.Frozen raviolis
56.Greek chicken, lemon rice
57.Chicken pillows
58.Fresh fish (seasonal) & rice
59.Stuffing casserole w/ckn or turkey
60.Cream cheese chicken (Pinterest)

Side dishes include:
French/garlic bread
Homemade fries
Homemade chips
Rice pilaf
White rice
Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes
Roasted Red potatoes (SO YUMMY)
Various veggies frozen, fresh or canned
Red Potato salad
Lion House rolls
Ramona’s rolls
Kentucky biscuits (so much better than regular buttermilk biscuits)