Sunday, December 2, 2012

The COOLEST Angry Birds Ever

I'm not much of a gamer, but I do play a few iPod games. Bookworm, Scrabble, and, yes, Angry Birds. My newest acquisition had me squealing like a Leia-cosplaying fangirl at a Star Wars Convention. Angry Birds Star Wars edition is an adorable mashup that you should really get downloaded to your iPod, phone or tablet while it's under a dollar, and even when it goes up to the average $4.99-ish cost it will still be worth the money. The opening video is hilarious, the animation adorable (as expected) and all in perfect Sci-Fi/Gaming harmony. 
I haven't played Angry Birds in a long time. I bought "Angry Birds Space" and didn't really like it as much as the others, and when I'm super busy with reading books and watching movies and holidays and full-time work and blogging and oh yeah, being a mom, I don't really have much time for playing games, but when my son told me this Star Wars edition had been released, I had to give it a look. I'm so glad I did. I anticipate many happy hours (taken in minutes here and there-- waiting for piano students, on short work breaks, ticking away the minutes while something bakes...) playing it in the future.  Light sabers, blasters, and new abilities. Fun stuff!

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Storys said...

Will is addicted to it. He is the one that plays it the most. Of course the boys love it too. Guess it's time I try it!