Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pinterest FAIL FAIL FAIL: Dishwasher Detergent

I loved this blogger's homemade laundry soap, so I went into making the dishwasher detergent with high hopes. I am so, so, SO very disappointed.

I followed the recipe, and as recommended, I used citric acid instead of kool-aid, because I didn't want to dye my dishwasher yellow. And I use vinegar with every load in my dishwasher (hard water!!) already, so I figured that would be good enough, rather than paying more money for Lemi-Shine.

But regardless of how much vinegar I use, my dishes have been coming out with a thin film on them. I reduced the amount of soap from a full, rounded Tablespoon to slightly less than a TB, and the dishes didn't even come out clean. And there was still a film on them. Ugh.

I'm not happy. I really hate wasting things. Even if it's under $20 of ingredients, it's still wasteful. Boo.

I think I will add the rest of the bottle of citric acid to the soap and see if that helps. Maybe I didn't put enough in to begin with. But... I doubt it will make a difference at this point. If not, I'm done. Back to store-bought soap for me. 


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Cathy said...

What a bummer! I can't say I'm terribly surprised though. I have a very hard time getting clean dishes in our hard water since all the detergents changed a few years ago.