Monday, October 28, 2013

Pinterest Fail: Caramel Apple Slices

I found this on Pinterest:  The idea was simple. Slice up your Granny Smith apples, dip the slices, and they will be easier to eat than a whole caramel apple.

The execution was tolerable. 
I sliced apples, I melted the caramels (with the recommended TB of water-- I read the instructions on the package...), I dipped the apple slices in the caramel, and put them on parchment paper. You can see the one in the center was very messy-- the caramel just slid right off... which was foreshadowing...

As the caramel cooled, it became difficult to dip, so I had to reheat it multiple times, which was okay. No big deal. It set up quickly on the slices, so I sloppily drizzled melted milk chocolate chips on top. It was not professional and beautiful, but it looked yummy. Then I put them into the fridge to harden up before the party.

The end result? 

Very messy. The problem is that, while in the fridge, the caramel slid off the juicy apples in thick, hard, gloppy piles. I don't know how what the solution is. I don't know what I did wrong. 

In spite of the yumminess of caramel plus chocolate plus apple, I'm calling this a fail. They did not come out as expected. Oh, Pinterest... what are we gonna do with you?

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