Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Cool Things 1/20/14

Did you miss a weekly dose of three cool things? I sure didn't. I've been so busy with the holidays and recovering from the holidays and reading books and watching TV and washing laundry and reading other books that I hardly noticed I was neglecting my regular blog posts. I wanted to keep up on them, but somehow it just fell apart. 

But here I am, starting anew in an effort to return to some sort of regular schedule. I probably won't be able to post weekly-- I'm just not that prolific, but I will share things as I find them. And now, without further adieu:

Three Cool Things

First up is a fun web game called Akinator the Web Genie that can guess any fictional character you are thinking of. I tried to be really tricky and had in mind Zuzu from "It's a Wonderful Life" and it got it pretty quickly. Then I tried with Agent Aloysious Pendergast and it guessed it too! It's a fun little activity if you have a few minutes to kill and want to see if you can trick a computer. So far, I cannot.

Second is something that I couldn't help laughing at. My teenage son put this app on his browser and then proceeded to read aloud from some official sounding documents and it was hilarious. What it does is swap the word "cloud" for "butt". I know, it's juvenile, and not something I would normally recommend, but it was pretty dang funny... especially read aloud...
I'm sorry. I find it humorous, even though it's really awful. This is from flikr.com

Third is a website filled with a twisted, darkly humorous look at the stupid ways that people have died. "The Darwin Awards" is a book, and now a website. Check it out. It's a bit morbid, but you can't help be amazed at the things people do!

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