Friday, June 5, 2015

Notes on Being Mormon: Opinions, Love, and Truth

In the light of the very public surgical and medical transformation of a famous man into a famous woman, lots of opinions and declarations and words are being thrown around. I don't really want to address the issue of trans-genderism or the current societal popular opinion that gender is fluid. 

While I will share a short opinion, what I really want to talk about is perception.

People who share my opinion are being accused of not being "loving" or "kind" or "accepting" because we are not leaping onto the trans-gender cheerleading bus. I don't buy into the cult-like obsession with the "anything goes" mentality of our modern society. I think right and wrong still exist. I think there are certain unchangeable truths in life, including XY and XX chromosomal pairs. 

So what? 

So if I disagree with YOUR opinion, does that make me less Christian? Less loving? 

NO! I'm offended by that accusation (and I don't offend easily, so please, please just listen). I don't have to accept everything a person does in order to LOVE them. If I were the sister of a person in prison, would I still love them? Of course! Would I think they were totally justified in whatever crime they committed? Probably not! 

Lest you think I mean to over-simplify a large, complex issue, let me remind you that this actually IS a simple issue. I have one opinion, you may have another. Why is it that Christian morality is accused of being "unloving" whenever our opinions differ? Where did the idea come from that modern liberal ideals are the only RIGHT and everything else is HATE SPEECH? 

It's not.

Were I to say that this Jenner person was a dumb-head and ugly and stupid and should be beaten up and punished for his/her choices, that would be hate speech. Were I to say I hate him/her, that would be rude and hateful.

Saying that I think his/her choice to mutilate his/her body was maybe not such a good thing is NOT hateful. It's just not.

If Tom Cruise died his hair bright purple and got a tattoo of a swastika on his face, I would think, and maybe say, "Oh my gosh, what a terrible idea!" I might even say, "Is he mentally ill? Is there something wrong?" This is not hateful. This is my opinion. This is me expressing an opinion regarding his ACTIONS. 

P.S. before you remind me that Christians aren't supposed to judge others-- I'm not. I'm judging choices, actions, decisions, right and wrong and forming my own opinions regarding these.

I follow Jesus Christ. I make the effort every day, to truly, sincerely love everyone. Love, however, does not mean embracing wrong and saying it's right.

The "progressive" crowd-- the Stewart/Colbert disciples-- stand in the street/on social media, and proclaim that wrong is right and that anyone who disagrees is unChristian, unloving and wrong. 

Fine. They can have their opinion. I have no power over them, and no amount of discussion (whether in person or on the internet) will change their minds or hearts. That's okay, it really is. 

I still love them. I do.

But that doesn't mean I have to change MY mind and heart. 

Truth will always be truth.

Love will always be love.

And your perception that I don't love unless I whole-heartedly agree will always be mistaken.

But I love you anyway.

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