Friday, May 25, 2012

Geek Pride Day

Today is not only my High School BF's birthday. Nor is it only the kids' last day of school. It's also Geek Pride Day!! Which just happens to correlate with Towel Day, which celebrates the genius of Douglas Adams!!
I'm a self-proclaimed wanna-be Geek Girl. I only wish I had known about today sooner. I wonder if I would get into trouble for carrying a towel at the library today... probably. It's not approved in the City dress code. I could tuck a washcloth in my pocket-- close enough, right? My son even happened to wear THIS SHIRT today, though I don't think he realized it was such a special day. He must be a geek psychic. Makes me wish I had this shirt, which I keep almost buying. It's even casual Friday-- I could have worn THAT!! Oh well... next year?
For those who might be confused, read the linked pages. If you're still lost, please, I beg you, go to your local library and borrow "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the book or the audiobook. Now! Hurry! Get going!! It's great reading/listening and you won't regret it. Plus, then you'll be well prepared when the Vogons get here.

The truth is, most of us are part geek. Here's a fun poster some talented person made to illustrate this point:
IF you find this hard to read, here's the original, it's easier to read and doesn't hog all my blog space.

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