Wednesday, March 20, 2013

When is 20 Minutes Really an Hour?

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I'm not a fitness person. I've been amply blessed with a high enough metabolism and a generally healthy body, and as such the only reason I would exercise would be to have more energy or to just be generally healthier (less fatigue, less common illness, etc.).

Every now and then, I get the urge to move my body, and I have found a couple of things I really like to do. I don't like walking-- it is tedious and makes my feet require special, expensive shoes (I have flaaaat feet). I despise running. It's too jarring and also dull dull dull.

I do, however, really like Tai Chi and Yoga. I have a couple of decent videos to do both, but still I don't do them regularly. I set goals... I ignore them. I make plans... I sleep in instead.

But I think I've realized one of the main reasons why I struggle with exercise. They say you need 20 minutes of aerobic, vigorous exercise for it to be effective. I tend to resist such "rules" just on principal,  (who is this THEY we give so much credit and deference to, anyway!?) but I have also come to realize that a 20-minute workout actually takes more like an hour! At least 45 minutes. 

See... you have to change into "workout" clothes, then spend about 5-10 minutes just warming up. Then the aerobics/walking/running/self-torturing, for t w e n t y minutes. It's longer than it sounds. THEN there's a 5-10 cool-down period, a 10+ minute shower and the getting dressed. See? 20 minutes is really an hour when it's all said and done.

I just don't have an hour to give to exercising. Mainly because I don't enjoy it all that much, but also because I'm a pretty busy lady-- four kids, a full-time job, church and social obligations and opportunities... 

And that's the real reason I don't exercise.

Well, that and the fact that I hate to sweat.

And that lazy-procrastination thing...

But mostly the time-eating thing. 

I do need to move my body, though. Thank heaven for Spring. Soon, I can go outside and get some sun and walk a little and just LIVE again. 

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