Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anxiety Adventures Part 8.5: The Result

I tried taking my vitamins in the mornings with breakfast again and...

drumroll, please...


It helped. I'm not sleeping perfectly (but I haven't for over 10 years), but the insomnia seems to be gone and I don't seem wide awake when I do wake up in the night. 

I have been having weird dreams, though. I would write them down, but by the time I'm fully awake, they've usually faded enough that I can't remember them. I'll have to be faster to a pen or keyboard, because funky dreams can inspire novels, right?

Anyway, it's good to know that Vitamin D in large quantities doesn't necessarily give me energy, but I do feel alert enough that I can't sleep on it.

Also, I've begun eating large enough breakfasts that my stomach doesn't seem bothered by the vitamins anymore, either. I'm chubbier, but I don't feel queasy anymore, so... win-win?

And that's the result. 

I know you were on the edge of  your seat waiting, so you may now proceed with the rest of your life.
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