Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anxiety Adventures: Part 8: The Experiment

I realized as I lay awake almost the entire night last night that my insomnia could be the result of me switching my vitamins to bedtime. I take a very large dose of Vitamin D, and it's possible that it's making my mind alert or something. I also take a lot of Vitamin C and Calcium and a multi, if you're interested.

Since taking them in the morning usually results in an unhappy stomach, I started taking them right before I go to sleep at night. I started taking the D all at night instead of splitting the dose and taking some am and some pm, just a week or two ago, and my lack of sleep has gotten worse. I suspect the D is the culprit, but just to be safe, I think I'll start taking all of them in the mornings, then maybe try taking all but the D at night again if my sleep improves. 

Starting tomorrow.

Because I just took them less than 12 hours ago, so I can't really take them again this morning. 

Today, I will try not to be too zombie-like. I think I got only about 4 hours of actual sleep last night, and they weren't even 4 consecutive hours.

But I have hope. 

If taking my vitamins at night is to blame, I should see results pretty quickly, right?

Fingers crossed.

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