Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cat Lady, Almost Crazy

We have a young cat named Holly (she really can't be called a kitten anymore), about 9 months old, and though she's about full grown, she still thinks she's a kitten and plays and chases and is just SO MUCH FUN. I had no idea she would be this much fun. (This picture is from a few months ago, when she was still small. She's much bigger, now!)

We also have an old, somewhat grouchy cat named Cinnamon, who despises, nay, loathes, Holly. We did all the stuff the internet instructed us to do to help her transition to a two-cat home, but to no avail. So we gave up. Holly follows her, and when Cinnamon turns to hiss at her, Holly demonstrates her "pet me!!!!" flop. She routinely does that for us-- a small meow and a flop on her side right in our way so we can pet her. Cinnamon doesn't fall for the adorable-kitty act, though. She hisses, swipes her clawless paw in Holly's direction and marches away. Sigh. She's an old lady, about 16, so we don't think she will actually be with us much longer. Which might be good for Holly, because we really want to get her a companion kitty, since she loves other cats, but we can't do this until Cinnamon passes. It would just be too mean. Maybe... or maybe it would give her some freedom from Holly. Regardless, our house is really too small for that many cats, though. Three?!? Too many...
This was taken shortly after we got Holly. Cinnamon looks like a demon-cat. Poor old beast.
Holly is very funny, though. She is my bug-chaser. I think she would be a great mouser, but I hope to never find out. She does LOVE catching flies, though. Sometimes she'll chase one all over the house, corner it on a window sill, catch it in her mouth and carry it to a favorite place on the carpet, where she will spit it out and play with it until it dies. Sometimes she eats them, sometimes not, but usually she ends up killing them, so I'm fine with it. I love watching her do this. 

Between my long hair twisted into a bun, my job as a librarian and my (now) TWO cats, I think I'm morphing into a stereotype... 

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