Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Cool Things 12/4/13

Today's ideas are random and unrelated, but all great things:

First up is something that maybe all of you know about, but I didn't until about 18 months ago: Homemade Broth, also called Stock.
Did you know that broth made from bones is super-duper healthy? Consider the known benefits of chicken soup for colds. Yeah, now you're getting it. Did you also know that making homemade broth is as easy as simmering water? It totally is. And if you have a slow cooker, it's even easier.

When whole chickens (and turkeys!) go on sale, I always pick up a couple. To make broth from the carcass, just fill the crockpot with the bones, meat left on people's plates, whatever left over veggies we had with it, and a splash of Apple Cider or plain white vinegar. Fill to the top with water, turn on low and let it simmer for about 48-72 hours. Then skim off the fat (or refrigerate first, then skim off the congealed fat- I've found this is much easier), divide into freezer bags or containers and freeze. (HERE are some great ideas for storing frozen broth/stock.) Simple. I make broth with our turkey bones, too, and it is richer and tastier than chicken broth. I love turkey noodle soup. 

Beef broth is also very good, but I don't have a good resource for beef bones (yet). I understand with beef, you should brown the bones first (if they are uncooked). I will be looking for recipes when I'm ready to make this. For now, I'm sticking with poultry.

I highly recommend you look up some recipes online and consult them to make sure you are doing it correctly, but it's so worth making your own broth! You can save bones from pork chops, T-bone steaks, etc. and make varying flavors. It's incredibly healthy and so good.

Second today is a Youtube favorite:
How it Should Have Ended

If you haven't been to their channel yet, you really need to get over there. They are quite creative, and always amusing. We're especially fond of the Superhero Cafe videos. So funny.

Third today: is a really cool "life hack" I got from a friend years ago (before there was such a thing as a "life hack"). Having a hard time keeping gloves, hats and scarves organized? Keeping them in a basket or scattered throughout the house, garage and cars not working for you? This is the best solution I have ever seen. Buy one of those over-the-door shoe pocket thingys and put it wherever people travel in and out most, then fill it with all those gloves, etc. 
Sorry for the terrible quality.
That room is dark and I'm lazy, so I took it with my iPad.

Mine is in my laundry room, which is next to the garage door. It is not pretty, nor is it very well organized this year (my children are old enough to put their own stuff away, which means most of my house is decorated in Modern Kid fashion), however, they are all still reachable, findable and located in one spot. I love this idea so much that I also put one in both my pantry and linen closet for various things I need to find easily. Yours would probably look completely different than mine, and that's the beauty of this idea. It's one of the best things I've ever done to help manage a small, crowded household.
A terrible picture of the one in my linen closet. I'm too lazy to use a proper camera, but you get the idea.

My pocket thingy in my pantry. I have
pasta, cough drops, gravy packets & various random items here.

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