Monday, April 16, 2012

Apostrophe Abuse

Today, not for the first time, I wished I had an iPhone. I was at the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley, UT (and may I just interject that being there at opening time, while the mall was quiet and the elderly walkers were doing their thing and workers were prepping their various stores took me back in time a little to when I was 16 and 17 and worked at a mall-- the smell, the hushed sounds... kind of like a time machine) 

ANYWAY, so I was at the mall, it was about to open, and I thought I would hurry to the ladies room to "freshen up" before I did my shopping. I walked through the food court, knowing there is always a restroom in that vicinity, and busted up laughing when I saw the signs for the restrooms. On the left, a piece of paper taped crookedly that said "men's" in simple font printed in black ink. On the right, in the same black font, also taped skiwompus was a sign that said "ladie's". I almost cried from not having a camera handy! I have a cheap phone with no camera and an old-school iPod Touch without one either. Sadness. I could have started my much-needed "apostrophe abuse" blog... sigh... Disappointment clouded my walk back to the shops. But I survived, and even found two shirts (TWO! That's unheard of for me) that I liked and could wear to work. 
Since I couldn't provide a photo, I found an even better one online for you. Enjoy:


Anna Oman said...

LOL! That picture is hilarious! I have to admit, I struggle knowing when to use apostrophes. Guess I need a refresher course.

Steph said...

Funny stuff, right? I totally understand that not everyone knows how to use apostrophes, and I'm not as judgmental when it's just normal people in the course of normal things. I just have to laugh when something goes public and it's wrong-- no one caught it? Manager? Owner? No one? Silly people.