Friday, April 13, 2012

Friendly Games

I really enjoy playing games with friends on my iPod Touch. I used to play a lot of Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends and Scrabble until life took over and I wasn't able to make time to play. 

Now, though, I'm back in the game (har har) and I've found a new favorite. 

I'm usually a little behind everyone else in discovering awesome things, but with this game, I hope I'm catching up. It's a little like Pictionary, and a lot like awesome. If you want to play there is a free download, or the ad-free version costs 99cents. I think it's worth a dollar to both support the game makers and to avoid the annoyance of ads popping up when you least expect them.

What are your favorite with-friends games? Do you regularly play any single-player games? I LOVE Bookworm for those moments when I'm waiting to pick up a child or on a quick 15-min break at work. I can listen to my audiobook and play Bookworm at the same time, so that's double awesome!
Oh, and if you want to start a game of Draw Something with me, my user name is stephmil1010. Happy gaming!

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