Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Facebook as Therapy: What's On Your Mind?

The other night, I clicked over to Facebook and actually noticed what the blank status bar asks. "What's on your mind?" I could hear a TV therapist with a gentle voice asking this. Or a telephone counselor, answering a call... or even Lucy VanPelt as she plops her nickel can up on her desk. "What's on your mind?"

I haven't ever been to therapy, (not that I would tell you if I had... but maybe I would...), but I think it would be so nice to occasionally have someone sincerely ask me what's on my mind. Unless it's been a particularly brain-melting week. Then I just want silence, not to talk.

It's an interesting commentary on our modern society that our favorite website (oh, come on, you know it is-- don't deny you love Facebook. Even lurkers love it, they just don't want anyone to know they do!) asks us every day to share our thoughts. With the world, mind you, but still. Interesting that some people virtually thrive on this, posting every banal or empty thing that crosses their mind. Teens and tweens (especially girls) use it to "vent" or passive-aggressively insult each other. Other people use it to post random lyrics to songs or movie quotes for the entertainment of their friends. Still others, like me, consider themselves "Facebook Mature", using it to share only those things that might interest many other people, such as excellent links, uplifting thoughts, photos and amusement, but not posting all the negative, ugly thoughts that pop into their heads.

Do you find Facebook therapeutic? Do you use it just for entertainment, or for communication? Do you use it to promote a business or service?

On a side note, would you even notice if the Facebook powers-that-be changed the verbiage in the status bar?

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