Friday, April 20, 2012

Lament for a Lost Luxury

Yesterday, much to my personal misfortune, my iPod went rogue. I remember it like it was yesterday... because it was... I was sitting on the loveseat and I tapped over to Facebook, whereupon I discovered a note from a friend arranging a time to come pick up a book I'm loaning her. I realized I had forgotten to hunt down said book, and, leaping up from the loveseat (no, really, I leap all the time. What!?) I dropped the iPod into my hoodie pocket.

I went first to my sons' room-- a Bermuda Triangle swirling with books, papers, clothes, and mysterious boy items such as a papier-mache mask and fishhooks. I thought one son might still have my loaner copy on his dresser. No luck.

I crossed the hall to my own room, where most of my books are on shelves stacked two-deep. I found what I sought, but wanted to make sure I knew where my keeper copy was, so I took the book in my hand and trudged (what? I trudge...) down to the basement, where the majority of the boys' books are. I found my other copy, and thinking it is a great deal thicker than the other, though both are paperback, I wanted to compare them.

I returned to the kitchen, where I opened both books to the same page number and compared. I was surprised that they are the same... so why was one thinner? A mystery, no doubt. But I was out of time. I had to return to work. I set my copy down on the desk, writing a short note-to-self about the whereabouts of the loaner copy (so that in 3 months, when I've forgotten loaning it out, I can recall the borrower's identity) and I grabbed another sticky note to write a quick message to my friend, should she come while I was at work. As I was doing this, I realized I wasn't sure where my iPod was.

I went through my pockets quickly, but it wasn't there. I didn't have time to look, as the clock was yelling it's tick-tock at me by this time (okay, not really...) and I had to go.

That night, we tore the house apart looking for it. I even pulled back the lining on the loveseat, but I don't think it's in there. There's no thump when I tip it on its back. I even looked in the garbage, though, admittedly not very well. We tried "I'll send you a text and we'll all listen for it". I think the battery was almost dead when it disappeared, so it's likely RIP now.

In daylight, I looked again. No luck. I will probably have to paw through the trash again. Yuck. Thank heaven for latex gloves. Thrice. Wish me luck.

Too bad I can't listen to my audiobook while I'm hunting. I consoled myself by having an entire can of salt & vinegar Pringles for breakfast.

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