Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The BIG Word Game

My family has a few goofy things that we do regularly, such as writing messages and notes on the bathroom mirror in dry-erase marker (17 y.o. son writes scary Slenderman quotes, while 10 y.o. daughter draws cats... Kriss quotes "Rocky" and 13 y.o. son writes reminders to himself to wash his laundry, etc.), and dancing in the family room. I sincerely hope that other families have as much fun as we do. :)

One ongoing game we play is something that began last summer and has lingered on. I call it the "BIG Word Game". Basically, I challenged my kids to try to use uncommonly large words (usually polysyllabic, but sometimes just obscure words) and then I assign randomly calculated points for the words they use. No one tallies the points and there are no prizes, but it's still fun. It's similar to another family favorite: "You're My New Favorite Kid" in that it's only fun for a moment, but everyone plays along. (Oh relax, I'm just kidding. My kids will never know who my favorite is.)

The reigning champion (besides me, and I've been told that, as Judge, I'm not allowed to collect points. Poppycock.) is my 10-year old daughter. She is an avid reader (yep. She's the apple to my tree) and as such, she learns a lot of big words. She started out using words such as "frequently" and "approximately" and has expanded to words like "currently"and "repulsive". She loves impressing me with her increasing vocabulary. And I love hearing it. 

So there you have it. Participate and you may earn some points, too! I'll leave you here with wishes for a life abundant with merriment, joviality and linguistic revelry.

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