Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pinterest Fail & Recovery

My first ever Pinterest fail:
I thought the idea of cookie cups holding ice cream and caramel and chocolate syrup sounded divine!  
Seriously. I can almost taste the yummy goodness. Sweet, light, crispy cookies, molded to hold a scoop of vanilla ice cream... delicious! Right? Right... 

Well. In my semi-arrogant, "I've been baking for as long as I can remember" ignorance, I thought I would just use my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, (which I've been making successfully for 20 years) since they are particularly yummy with ice cream, and disregarded the webpage entirely. Oops. 
Lesson? Follow instructions. Especially with something as needy as cookies. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, but whatever it was I won't be trying this one again without using the recipe. I did enjoy a good laugh, though. And a stinky kitchen, because it dripped all over the inside of the oven...

On the plus side, it still tasted pretty good. My sons picked it off and ate most of it. I used the rest for this:
 Basically, you take cookies that failed to be cookies, crush them up, smash them into a pie tin and fill with slightly soft vanilla (or other flavor) ice cream. Pop it in the freezer until it's hardened up and voila! You have ice cream pie. Super yummy. Not what I was going for originally, but still very tasty! 
Pin it!

UPDATE: Yes, I know my photos aren't working. No, I can't find the original files. Boo, Blogger. Boo.

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