Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing... me.

I am starting this blog as a fun place to share all sorts of miscellany that I think you might like, such as tips and tricks I find useful, ideas, funny things, oddities, off-beat stories and observations of the world around me. I have a few other blogs that I use for more specific blogging, but this one is more of a general catch-all for items and tidbits that don't fit anywhere else. Hence, the subtitle: "All that is Awesome".

A little about me: I'm a mom of four kids, a wife of one husband, and a true-no-kidding Librarian at a little, rural public library. I live in Utah, and yes, I am a Mormon. I sing soprano, but love learning alto because it's more challenging. Some of my favorite things include: Disneyland, baking goodies, and watching movies and TV (check out my blog Film Critic's Daughter). I want to travel the world, publish a novel, spend a month in Hawaii, and sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir before I die. I have naturally curly brunette hair, pale skin, blue eyes and big feet. I have ancestors from Ireland. I love giving advice and have long thought it would be fun to have an advice column like "Dear Abby".  I consider myself an expert on very few things, but I do know some stuff about a wide variety of topics. I love being a mom more than any of the other hats I wear.

I have two other blogs besides the one mentioned above. One is private, and the other public one is Eventual Author. I really enjoy writing, and blogging works to fill that need for the moment, since I'm so crazy busy that I don't have time to really sit down and write a story or book.

This looks a lot like me:

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