Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The New Blogger Sucketh

Today I spent 45 minutes trying to customize my blog, here, to make it look interesting and classy and for it to be functional for what I want to do and I am left feeling a mixture of emotions.

  1. Tired. I don't have time to spend doing useless clickery on my computer, and staring at the screen as I try to figure out what I'm supposed to be clicking is tiring to my baby blues.
  2. Frustrated. I can't find the links I want to add and move and remove so-called "gadgets" or "widgets" or whatever the heck they are called. I wanted to shrink and move the soup can a bit, but I accidentally left the page for that kind of editing and couldn't find it again. I also don't care for these fonts, but every time I change them and click something else, it reformats to this basic crappy stuff. 
  3. Teeeeed off. The new Blogger is not better. It sucks. I can't find what I need. I wish they would make one single page for all your editing needs. Ick.
So, if anyone out there in the internet world can suggest a more user-friendly blog-server-thing, I would whole-heartedly appreciate it. In the meantime, it looks stupid, but I'm stuck with it, because I'm out of time and patience with editing it. Gah. 

And I'm actually quite computer literate for a non-code-monkey-type person!

*** UPDATE: I found my way back, purely by chance, and fixed a little bit of what was bothering me. Hopefully, little by little, I will figure out what else to do to customize this blog so it will live up to my dreams of awesomeness. ***

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