Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ode to My iPod

I realized last week that I'm nearly at my first anniversary with my iPod Touch. It's only a second generation, I think. It has no camera, and I can't talk to it without the goofy headphones-with-mic-attached. But I sure do love it. I have enjoyed every minute of music, audiobooks, Angry Birds and Bookworm. I love playing Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends, and I get a kick out of looking up the weather or the constellations visible tonight in just a matter of seconds. I especially like that (assuming I'm within range of Wifi), I can text or message my kids on their iPod Touches anytime I want to. It really is a blessing in the age of instant communication and instant entertainment. It's basically a more portable computer, and I love it. LOVE it...
So happy anniversary, iPod! Thanks for getting me through long visits to the hospital with my son, and for keeping my daughter distracted at the orthodontist's office. Thanks for playing my audiobooks faithfully as I drive around town, and for holding a charge longer than I expected you could. Here's to many more good years.

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